This natural Grass Pen is truly one of a kind. Made from a blend of meadow grass and a small amount of recycled BPA-free plastic, it’s durable, refillable and will become your faithful companion for years. Ergonomic triangular grip and premium quality nib make it so you’ll actually look forward to using it for long periods. Sold in pack of four with refills available. A refreshing take on what an inexpensive pen should be, join the 50,000+ refill warriors.

Natural Grass Pen

SKU: NGP-002
  • Natural grass pen refill £1.00

  • All materials for the pens are sourced either from recycling (plastics or biomass) or are renewable raw materials from the Taiwan region, such as meadow grass that grows just adjacent to the factory. The water used in the production process stems from the water naturally occurring in the meadow grass, and it’s continuously reconditioned so that the factory doesn’t have to use additional water from the public water supply