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The Clockwork City


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Hi, I'm Tom and I write fantasy & science fiction stories. I hope you enjoy browsing through my books. It would be great if you would sign up so I can share with you my progress on current projects, I promise not to inundate your inbox and I also promise to offer special insights and promotions to you in return for your interest in my work.

My current projects are;

The Clockwork City - sequel to The Games where the riders join forces with a myriad of beings to combat the dark mages and their plans to unleash chaos on the world.

Ghia - a future world where Earth moves to redress the mistakes made by humans

2200 - a sci fi adventure that begins to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

There are two short stories as part of the collection. The Horse Lord which introduces the world and Rose's Story in which Rose first encounters the power of the mage and the first part of her story unfolds.

The sequel to The Games takes them all deeper into the magical world to face enemies with powers far beyond what they have encountered so far in The Clockwork City.


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