About  the Author


This is me before lockdown one, and now this is me after lockdown two - not a barber in sight - I've got used to the longer hair and think I will keep it.


I enjoy writing for many reason.  I found reading was alwasy a valuable escape and was enthralled and enthused by the worlds I explored.  I found myself drawn to creating my own worlds and eventually began to share them.  I finally took the plunge to self publish and my early work was well received. I began to get invites to do author workshops in schools and that spurred me to write more, to learn more, exploreand develop my writing, my characters, what happens to them and build deeper the worlds they live in,  


I have thought about what brought me to writing as I am significantly dyslexic and it doesn't appear to be a natural step for someone who struggles with spelling to become an author.  I found job applications difficult, and psychometric testing a nightmare, but more and more companies and institutions rely on such tests for recruiting, a very difficult barrier for dyslexics to climb over. Some do, I didn't.  I found the most enjoyable way to combat my dyslexia was to allow my imagination to take charge, and I found the stories flowed.  My writing gives me the freedom to build my own world, live in it for a while and, of course, invite others in.