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I enjoy writing for many reason.  I found reading was always a valuable escape and was enthralled and enthused by the worlds tha I explored.  I found myself drawn to creating my own worlds and eventually began to share them.  I finally took the plunge to self publish and my early work was well received and I was asked to talk about my writing on BBC Radio. I began to get invitations to visit schools to run writing workshops and that spurred me to write even more. Every day I seek to explore and develop my writing, my characters, what happens to them and build more about the worlds they live in.  My most recent project was working with a narrator to bring the first in the series Riders of the North The Games onto Audible - and we just launched it in time for Christmas. I do think audio books are a great way to combine everyday life with the joy of story telling- see link here AUDIO BOOK The Games


I write a number of genres -  fantasy fiction with a medieval and magical twist, science fiction that explores the mysteries of the universe with a bit of celestial encounters, and most recently a crime murder novel. 

I have thought about what brought me to writing as I am significantly dyslexic and it doesn't appear to be a natural step for someone who struggles with spelling to become an author.  I found job applications difficult, and psychometric testing a nightmare, but more and more companies and institutions rely on such tests for recruiting, a very difficult barrier for dyslexics to climb over.  I found the most enjoyable way to combat my dyslexia was to allow my imagination to take charge, and in the first draft not worry about the mechnics, so I gave my imagination free rein and I found the stories flowed.  There comes a lot of work after that with my editor to refine it and flush out the dyslexic quirks but hey ho, that is all part of the journey, and at that stage, given more people involved, the characters jump off the page and participate in the dialogue around editing them!! 


My writing gives me the freedom to build my own world, live in it for a while, as an alternative to the real one which can, at times, be a harsh landscape to battle over, and in building a world I can, of course, invite others such as you to join me. 



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