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The Games is the first full length novel in the series The Riders of the North. It is set amid the tumult and intrigue of changing times. Rose travels to the capital city to realise her dream of becoming a blacksmith. When the tournament is announced she is caught in the ensuing political intrigue that puts her life in danger as she befriends the Northerners, the historic protectors of the Empire. The young warriors are quickly drawn into a complex world of plots, assassination attempts, and hidden alliances.  An epic fantasy story of adventure, battle, bravery, fear, doubt, trust, friendship, loyalty, and the journey in finding your place in the world and whose side you are on!

The Horse Lord is the prelude to the Riders of the North series. A short story where we follow young Teo, the first Horse Lord in living memory, who has a tough choice to make and a vision to build. The Riders of the North are the historic protectors of the Empire of Capricorn, their culture is one of meritocracy and equality; the young men and women must prove themselves in the field so ride along with Teo, Abdul, Matas, Nicholas and Aled and uncover the majesty of the far flung Northern province.

Rose’s Story, unsurprisingly, introduces Rose. The second short story as a prelude to the Riders of the North serios. She lived all her childhood and into her teenage years on the island of Alveren. There was always something about Rose that set her apart from others. It led to her being singled out by the vacuum minded humans that can blight a childhood, but that something special would turn out to be the spark for a most interesting life.  The journey into the world of the Riders of the North begins with Rose. 

Sequel to The Games is The Clockwork City, an epic tale currently under construction!!  Watch this space...........

"I have avidly followed this new author since he published his first book and he has held me captivated and enthralled in each of his subsequent stories. Beware, reading these books comes with a warning of lack of sleep, as you may like me find it hard to put down once started. This book has certainly fulfilled a gap left waiting for Game of Thrones to return to our screens. The heroine Rose is remarkable and it is hard at times to believe that such an insight into the female psyche comes from a male author (no sexism intended). I love the interaction with Teo and am looking forward to seeing how their story develops in the future. The vivid imagery of the games transports you from any worries or woe of real life, a true escapism fantasy novel. I eagerly await more and can't wait for the next installment in the Age of Blood. I am not going to give away too much of the storyline but lock yourself away in a quiet room without distractions to read this and enjoy it to the full."    ***** LSH