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2020 vision

Updated: May 10, 2020

These are tough times, and we are all facing difficulties, some of us face serious, heart wrenching problems, some of us think we have it tough but when we lift our head up and take stock we realise we are not suffering as much as others. For those who can't lift their heads up, for those who have lost loved ones, for those who fear each day, for whatever reason - they are the ones we need to reach out to. That can be difficult though as we comply with social distancing, isolation but there is much goodwill online and if that just lifts spirits for a moment then it is worth doing.

And what of the future? Perfect vision is 20/20 - if you have that you can see clearly something that is 20 ft away, and we often say that hindsight is perfect vision, as we have knowledge in hindsight that we didn't have at the time. So drawing on those thoughts it made me wonder if the year 2020 is going to be a pivotal moment in human history? Many of us have marvelled at how Planet Earth has already begun to take back control clean up the damage humans do to it, reminding us that without us the earth would recover and carry on, we are mere guests. And as humans begin to reconnect with each other it gives hope, maybe we should hang on to that or do we just let this moment slip through our fingers?

I know we all feel helpless as the corporate world cranks up and wants to carry on as it did before but the one thing individuals have in their power is purchasing power - if we rethink what we do, what we buy, how we waste and give the cold shoulder to companies who we feel have not acted with any care for humanity during this crisis, then that has impact. Be the change is often thrown around and we shrug our shoulders, what difference can one person make? Well as we have seen in this crisis, when each person does what is best for all of us then it saves lives!! One person can make a difference, and when there are lots on them then we get a ground swell, 'we' the ordinary folk, make a stand. Maybe we can follow the lead of planet Earth and clean up our act, even if just tiny steps. I do like the UN's lazy persons guide to saving the world! Worth a read, here's the link. Let's stop arguing about it and just do it! #environment #staysafe #2020 #hindsight #sundaythoughts #Earth #Climate #change #newbeginnings

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