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I - isolation

What do you want? I want to write words that make people think I want to write books that people love I want to build bridges for people to cross. I want to create an empire that bonds humanity in mutual respect I want to free people from their social media prison cells, from oppression, from slavery.

I want to stand and look out over countryside free of chemicals, smog and noise. I want to give everyone a chance to contribute, no matter their past. I want us to all be safe and free, to find our strengths. But I am just one man, what can one man do? I want is just me, What if I becomes we? We can write books that make us think, We can create dance and song. We can invoke creativity and spark reflective thought We can build bridges, link by link, that cross mighty rivers and troubled minds. We can, together, pierce through the dark and create an empire of humankind Free from corporate slavery, free from last century leaders, Free from the confines of social media Free from the constraints of energy pollution We stand together and make ‘We’ the solution We can decide to be better, Just change the letters, And replace I with We

We can change everything!

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