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Sci-Fi Lockdown

Here we are, week something of lockdown. For those of us in good health we have much to be thankful for, loss of liberty is a small price to pay. Most are finding positive ways to use their time and I have turned my attention to getting the final proofing done of my next novel, a science fiction set in 2200, working title is 2200 and by then the world is a very different place. Although I did have to take stock that when I started writing this the world was very different from what it is like today, and it was just a year ago! Just goes to show, you never know what's coming!! My favourite good story is dolphins swimming in clear waters in Venice. I am sure you have seen it but if not, check out the link https://youtu.be/SD-RPdPEEdE Happy Dolphin!! #iamwriting #sundayvibes #scifi #youeverwondered #awesome #amazing #bookofthemonth #tor #instagood #goodreads

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